Re-Defined Personal Care

An eco-conscious handwash soap tablet solution, to add that extra touch of luxury into your home.

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Eco Friendly Ingredients Interior design inspired vegan Cruelty Free No single use plastics No Nasties Safe for babies and pets Non toxic
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  • Fill ceramic foam pump bottle with tap water


    the dispenser bottle with warm water from the tap

  • Drop handwash soap tablet into the foam pump bottle


    the handwash soap tablet into the bottle and wait for it to fully dissolve

  • pump foam onto your hand


    the soft foamy solution and start cleaning

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  • Aesthetically Pleasing

    We've designed a sturdy, long lasting ceramic handwash dispenser bottle to add an extra touch of luxury into your home

  • Earth Pleasing

    Paired with a refillable soap tablet packed with natural ingredients, that is soft and good on your hands

  • Creating memorable experiences, while establishing new sustainable rituals.

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