minq's Mission

Water bottles in the sea

That water bottle you drank from when you were 5 by the Sydney Opera House - is still on the planet.

Plastic was meant to last forever, but most is only used once. 8 billion tons of plastic trash are still on the planet, and more than 60 million plastic ends up in landfills daily! On average, each Australian uses 130 kg of plastic each year and ONLY 9% of that's recycled!

Let’s be honest, we’re drowning in plastics, it’s literally everywhere, as micro- and nanoplastics have been found in our food, in our water and even in the air we breathe.

Our Story

Woman and son by the beach

Minq is founded by an avid-diver and ocean lover, Margaret, who grew up by the coastal region of NSW. Growing up by the shore, she has always had a deep love and passion for the ocean and the magical life it brings. 

In 2020, while she was taking a walk by the beach she noticed the huge amount of plastic trash by the beach and was heart broken by the sight. Margaret was convicted to create a better future and cleaner planet for her family and her future generations, soon after minq was born.. 

Our Mission

    At minq, protecting our planet starts with transforming our personal care and household cleaning product. With these traditional household goods sold typically in disposable plastic bottles in every grocery store, we can eliminate over 100 billion single-use plastic bottles because our cleaners live in your previous bottles.

    We will protect our planet by

    1. Eliminate the production of new single-use plastic and

    2. Clean with eco-friendly ingredients

    WE DON'T PLAN TO STOP HERE! A joint effort with our minq community, we are on a mission to reimagine all categories of personal care and household cleaning goods with innovative form factors and environmentally responsible packaging.

    Together, we will create change one tablet at a time.

    Would you join us today?