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A year into our sustainable journey

Choosing the sustainable and plastic free option everyday.. 

"The devastating story of global warming, climate change and plastic pollution, on top of that COVID-19 that hit us back in 2020! Our planet is changing, it is hurting and we've taken so much from her. It is time we give back and decide to do something differently! We might very well be the very last generation who actually can do something about it.."

While taking a stroll down the beach over the lockdown days in NSW with Aiden, I noticed bottles, masks and just random plastic litters left by the shore. It was such a devastating and heartbreaking sight, which prompted me to start thinking long and hard about what changes we should be doing for our future generations!

The idea of minq was birth when I was doing my regular grocery shopping at the local woolies, and noticed the shelves and shelves of single use plastic bottle in the supermarket - nearly everything we are buying are packed in plastic packaging! How will it be possible for us to reduce waste if these are the options available to us?

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Together with us at minq, we have.. 

One year into this minq journey together with you, I am truly humbled by the experiences and people I have met throughout this journey. All of you have inspired me, helped me grow in my sustainable journey and more importantly learnt new tips and tricks to reuse and recycle around the house! Together, we have been able to save 11,589 plastic bottles from going into the trash!! 

Thank you for being part of this plastic free journey with us, choosing the sustainable and eco-friendly cleaning product refills! 💚

Where to from here??

We're just getting started.. (although I must confess 😖, progress has been slower than I would have hoped. Instead of criticizing myself, I will be kind to myself and pat myself at the back for bringing a cheaper alternative ecofriendly cleaning tablet refills into the market. Here at minq, we focus on making sustainability cheaper and more accessible!)

I am genuinely touched and humbled by the opportunity and trust all of you have given us. Let's continue to protect our planet together, and every little bit counts 🌎



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