Australia’s first release dissolvable dishwashing detergent foam tablet!

Australia’s first release dissolvable dishwashing detergent foam tablet!

Minq – A Melbourne based startup for eco-friendly and sustainable cleaning tablet refillable alternative has just released the first in the Australian market - dissolvable dishwashing detergent foam tablet! Over the years, minq has proven that cleaning tablet refills is just as-good, if not better than other cleaning solutions out there. By choosing to use cleaning tablet refills, you are contributing to our mission of protecting our planet by:

  1. Reduce another plastic bottle going into landfill
  2. No nasties entering our beautiful ocean
  3. Reducing carbon emission emitted into our atmosphere, as we reduce the amount of water required to be transported around the world

With our minq cleaning tablets going hot off the shelves over the crazy lockdowns that has helped keep our Aussie households sparkling clean, we have been busy researching for the next best cleaning tablet to develop for you!

We are so excited to release the FIRST DISSOLVABLE DISHWASHING DETERGENT TABLET in Australia! This will help you clean those precious dishes that you just can’t put into the dishwasher, and needs to be handwashed – this is the perfect solution for you!

Here’s how it works

  1. Fill up our ceramic foam pump bottle with warm water
  2. Drop dishwashing detergent tablet; and wait for it to dissolve
  3. Pump some dishwashing detergent foam onto the natural loofah sponge
  4. And start cleaning those dishes!

 How to use kitchen dishwashing detergent foam tablet

So simple!

For those of you who already have our handwash range, imagine being able to have this also next to your sink! Here at minq, we are loving that we can finally replace our previous ugly looking plastic dishwashing detergent bottle now with this good-looking, eco-friendly alternative.  




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