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Boost Your Mental & Physical Health with an Eco-friendly Spring Clean!

According to expert, Psychologist Dr Jo Lukins says there’s a good reason why we feel so satisfied after a good clean-up. As it turns out, a spring clean does wonders for our mental health. 


Much of 2020 and even 2021 has been tough to most of us here in Australia with the continuous lockdown restrictions. Let's all take this opportunity to stay home and spring clean, for our mental and physical health. Here's some of the benefits and how you can get started - 


Releasing Happy Hormones

Research has found that spring cleaning has proven to release 'happy hormones', also known as Dopamine.

Dopamine is a type of neurotransmitter. Your body makes it, and your nervous system uses it to send messages between nerve cells, telling us that we are happy.


This feeling can be released as we tick off our spring cleaning checklist, staying active and the satisfying feeling of stepping into a sparkling, refreshing new home… after the thorough clean, obviously! I always find writing down a checklist of items for each room that needs to be done helps with organising the task and ensuring that every part of the house will be taken care off. Some of the must-do are, cleaning the inside of the cupboard, declutter and re-organising the items.


If you're looking for steps to organise, starting with your pantry is always the simplest.


Taking Back Control

There's so many things that we are not able to control right now, but one thing you can is controlling your actions and how you feel. As you tick an item off that spring cleaning checklist, you will be filled with a feeling of achievement, competence and satisfaction. More importantly, the sense of accomplishment not only impacts you, but also the mood you pass onto your family and friends.


Thinking about spring cleaning can sometimes be very scary, and seems like a huge task that will never get done. My advice would be to split up your checklist to over a few weeks, and also pass on some of the task to the rest of the family. Mom, don't do this by yourself - let the whole family share the tasks and make this a bonding opportunity.


Bonding Connection with the Family


Cleaning the house together as a family creates a sense of connection. I'd suggest switching on some up-beat tunes as the family get to work together, this will make spring cleaning and organising a fun activity for the family. As you are decluttering, don't forget to donate or up-cycle your unwanted items. As you give and donate with the family, the sense of generosity and happiness will make this an even more meaningful and fulfilling experience.


Natural and Eco-friendly Cleaning Products Only


This might go without saying but.. As you are going through the hard work of cleaning and making sure that your house feels refreshed and clean, you don't want to be using any harsh chemicals with harsh scents in your home. These chemicals might expose you and your family to irritants such as bleach and parabens.


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