Spray minq cleaning solution towards a white table with a yellow cloth

Can minq concentrated cleaning tablets really clean??

Many have questioned how effective really are cleaning tablets compared to well established, known brands in the local supermarket? Well, DON'T WORRY - we've already asked that for you before we start selling any of our products! We worked with a third party testing company here in Australia for thorough testing before launching any of the tablets!


So, how efficient is minq multipurpose cleaner tablet?


Our lab experts put minq multipurpose cleaner to test with other well-known supermarket brands by soiling a ceramic tile with a special blend of oily grime. The sheet is then scrubbed 35 times using a scrubbing apparatus with a sponge attached. They then measure the amount of dirt removal by comparing the before and after cleaning reflectance reading.


It is with great pleasure and honour that we can assure you just how effective our multipurpose cleaner tablet is! It is as good as well-known supermarket brands. We are so confident that, we will give you your money back if you're not satisfied!!


Don't take our word for it. Here are some snaps from our customers, or find more on our instagram -

Clean red marks around sink Cleaning of black mold on tiles
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