save money by being sustainable

Save money, Go green!

With numerous lockdowns, ongoing global health pandemic, the climate crisis and plastic pollution on the rise, it is time we start looking to change our habits and set some new year resolution that is good for our home, planet and more importantly ourselves!

Here's a few new year resolution ideas that we, at minq, are incorporating in our home, to help save our planet and save some $$$ money while we continue on our sustainable journey.

1. SAVE $3 herbs purchase - Plant a herb garden

Instead of buying $3 spring onions, mint leaves, parsley leaves at the groceries that you somehow can never finish using, how about starting a herb garden in the kitchen. They not only looks great in the kitchen, it has saved me a few extra bucks from groceries. 

2. Start a compost bin

If you have a veggie or herb patch, composting to create fertilisers to be the perfect plant food. Composting is much easier than it seems and our planet will thank you for sparing it unnecessary methane emissions! Here's some cheap easy way to start your own compost bin! 

3. SAVE $$$ - Buy second hand and give your space a fresh new look

If you're as bored as most of us are with your indoor furniture, due to all of these lockdown, and looking for a change. Start looking to buy some second hand furniture from facebook marketplace, gumtree, thrift store for nice hidden gems that gives your home a fresh new look. Some tips for decorating with second hand furniture - keep your palette in mind, look for quality, skip the trinkets. 

4. SAVE $3 on single use plastic - Buy cleaning tablets to refill

Single use plastic is so last year! No one should ever be buying another plastic bottle filled with toxic chemicals. Instead, choose to try minq cleaning bundle which comes with multipurpose cleaner, glass cleaner and handwash soap refills for less than $2 each! Minq guarantees a satisfactory, squeaky clean without the harsh scent!

5. SAVE $ on snap lock plastic bags - Invest in silicone reusable bag

I was gifted these Stasher bags and kids absolutely loves them! I find them so convenient to pack afternoon snacks, sandwich, fruits etc. Love the quality of the product and best of all no more single use plastic bags for snack packs! Best of all - it is machine washable (just check them into the washer with your daily dishes) and microwave safe (for a quick heat up of sandwich).

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