Streak-Free Window Just Like a Professional

Streak-Free Window Just Like a Professional

Are you frustrated with all the window cleaning products you've been trying that never seems to truly work? Envious on how you can get that streak-free, sparkling window that your neighbours seem to have every time you walk down their street?!

Our Glass & Window Cleaner Tablet is the solution you've been searching for to keep your windows and mirrors sparkling. Here are some easy steps for you:

Step 1: Pre-clean (optional)

If there are any dust, or stain residue left on the window, give it a quick clean with water or using our multipurpose cleaner solution (works really well for any stains) and a microfibre towel

Step 2: Start spraying

Spray glass cleaner solution on window

Spray your glass cleaner solution evenly throughout your glass or window, making sure that you cover all surfaces

Step 3: Wipe it off

wipe window with microfibre towel

You can either use a microfibre towel or newspaper (always my family's preferred cheaper alternative 😉), just make sure that the newspaper is not contaminated with anything that may damage the glass

Enjoy The Finale: Sparkly and Streak Free

That's all done, and now you can enjoy that streak free, sparkling window at your own home too!


Some common mistakes we see people doing for their glass and window cleaning:

  1. Don't overuse a scrapper. Only use it when you have persistent marks and stains, such as sticker residue
  2. Don't use a towel or old rags. The towel leaves particles, such as fibres, behind.
  3. Don't clean your windows on a hot and sunny days.  On a sunny day, the window may dry too quickly and might end up leaving marks before you manage to wipe it down. The best time to clean it is morning or at dawn.


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