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Let our customers speak for our minq eco-friendly, sustainable cleaning product.
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Love how beautiful this looks next to the sink!! So glad I found this brand, and absolutely love the idea of sustainably refilling my handwash solution! No more shipping or buying heavy handwash solution

Looks amazing and works wonders

I’m so glad I came across this as I was buying for my new home, absolutely love how good this looks in my kitchen and how eco friendly it is! I no longer need to buy another refill plastic bottle ❤️

Love, love, love!

Absolutely in love with these tablets, every time I think "oh shoot, I need to get some more spray", I remember I have a bunch of these tablets ready to go. I'm so glad I found these, my spray bottle collection finally isn't growing anymore.

Not too bad at all!

It’s a bit difficult to remove anything oily from hands, but it’s still pretty good. I will probably purchase again.
The ceramic canisters are lovely.
Friendly and easy communication.

Great set

Great looking set, good quality foam pumps. Very happy with my purchase

Unfortunately not for me

Love the idea behind this, use the hand soap tablets already and have been looking for an alternative for dishes too. If you wash by hand more than a few things (I have a family of 4) then this isn't a great solution. I have already used almost half a "bottle" and I only made the mix up yesterday. Disappointing because I really want to cut down our plastic use and would have loved this to work for us, but the foam disappears as quickly as washing your hands. Smells nice.


The cleaner works well and has a pleasant scent

Simple & Economical

Second time purchasing a pack of 5 tablets. I have cats at home and clean my kitchen and household often. It cleans well, smell is mild but pleasant, and I feel comfortable using a natural cleaning product as it's safer for my pets. Highly recommend and will continue to purchase :)

Lemon dishwashing detergent tablets

I absolutely love these. The smell is divine and it is so soft on your hands. Foams up so well and my dishes are clean in one go. 100% recommend these to everyone.

Foaming wash

Love it! Beautiful for the decor of too


An oh so stylish and eco-friendly solution! Thankyou!

Best looking couple of bottles!

I love how they look together next to my sink! The gold lid definitely adds a touch of luxury to my kitchen and matches so well with the gold handles. love love love

Reliable cleaning tablets

minq never fails to produce another cleaning tablet that works so well!
I'm glad i can change another one of my household item to not use anymore single use plastic bottle!

Great product with no obnoxious smell

Cleans great and doesn't smell so I don't get headaches
Love it


Detergent is fine on lightly soiled items but doesn’t work on anything slightly greasy. I even tried double strength.
Dispenser is nice.

This kit looks amazing in my kitchen!

A sustainable alternative that also looks great next to my kitchen sink. Loving the foaming texture as well as the ability of this to remove grease well! My family and I are loving it so far!!

First in the market and loving it!

I'm so glad I found these tablets; finally an alternative for regular dishwashing detergent for those extra pots and pans that just can't go into the dishwasher. Thanks minq for this, they work so well!

Love minq ❤️

Love the tablets, they work great, I love the minimal packaging 📦 it's definitely a winner for us


I don’t think it cleans as well as chemical cleaners do and it kinda smells like an old lady but it’s still nice!

Arrived quickly and Loved it

I bought this soon after minq released these new range of tablets; they are definitely my favourite now. They clean well and the loofah sponge is really good too! Highly recommend anyone looking to steer away from typical dishwashing detergent solution.

Best invention ever!

We're so excited to give this a try, we've been using minq cleaning tablets for a while now so was super excited when they released this new range. They work really well so far, we've been using them to clean all those extra dishes that we can't fit into the dishwasher, what a great alternative! Well done minq team!

Looks great in my new home!

I bought this because I just moved into my new crib! Absolutely love how this brings up the whole vibe in my toilet! Highly recommend , and much better than those other plastic white pumps

Cleans well!

Literally using this for my entire house now, cleans well and best of all - no chemical smell!!

Looks great in my new bathroom

I’m loving how these bottles are upgrading the entire feeling of my new bathroom now. It really compliments the black hardware in my toilet, and the golden pump just makes it look even more luxurious! Love it !!