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Let our customers speak for our minq eco-friendly, sustainable cleaning product.
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Love minq ❤️

Love the tablets, they work great, I love the minimal packaging 📦 it's definitely a winner for us


I don’t think it cleans as well as chemical cleaners do and it kinda smells like an old lady but it’s still nice!

Arrived quickly and Loved it

I bought this soon after minq released these new range of tablets; they are definitely my favourite now. They clean well and the loofah sponge is really good too! Highly recommend anyone looking to steer away from typical dishwashing detergent solution.

Minq Full Kitchen Luxury Sink Kit
Best invention ever!

We're so excited to give this a try, we've been using minq cleaning tablets for a while now so was super excited when they released this new range. They work really well so far, we've been using them to clean all those extra dishes that we can't fit into the dishwasher, what a great alternative! Well done minq team!

Looks great in my new home!

I bought this because I just moved into my new crib! Absolutely love how this brings up the whole vibe in my toilet! Highly recommend , and much better than those other plastic white pumps

Cleans well!

Literally using this for my entire house now, cleans well and best of all - no chemical smell!!

Looks great in my new bathroom

I’m loving how these bottles are upgrading the entire feeling of my new bathroom now. It really compliments the black hardware in my toilet, and the golden pump just makes it look even more luxurious! Love it !!


So impressed with this product. Everything about it and the smell is great . I love it . Just waiting on more stock so can buy more to add to my home . 👌

Highly recommend - very impressed

Fantastic product, easy to order and reorder, speedy delivery. So little waste, no plastic bottles, this means there is also very little packaging. Very impressed

Great starter set

I was skeptical about cleaning tablets at first, decided to give this a go, as it’s a low cost investment. I’m so Glad I did! They clean just as well and doesn’t have the harsh nasty chemicals in them! Highly recommend !

Quick and loving the results!

Received this just under a week! And have been using it for over 2 weeks now, loving that I can reuse my bottles and they clean just as well and without the harsh scent!

Great design

Love the bottle design and the smell, and the best part is not plastic

Great 👍

Love it so far, haven’t got to use all of them yet. Although the letter had fallen apart before it reached me, and I was concerned I may have lost piece, yet I did get all of them :)

Love the soap

I was so excited about dissolving the tablets. Love the smell and easy press. The container is grea. However, the cap is a bit cheap done, you can easily scratch the gold paint off. Some of them are scratched off already on arrival.

Amazing customer service!

This soap is great, foams well and does the job well! The customer service is so great. One of my orders got lost in the mail and they happily express posted a replacement for me :) love this company!

Great eco friendly alternative

I've been using these tablets for a few weeks now and am absolutely in love! The cleaners are much better than I expected and the hand wash smells amazing. Definitely my new go-to cleaners as I convert to low waste.

Dishwashing Tablets
Plastic free and effective

Loving these new dishwashing tablets. They’re cost effective, plastic free and cleans my dishes well. I love how they don’t have an after soap feeling after the wash

the perfect answer

The handwash bottle is elegant and practical. With a low centre of gravity it is almost impossible to knock over... so great for kids. It also work every time, unlike other dispensers that you have to keep pumping till it remembers to send you some soap! Together withe tablets that save on every metric packaging, environment,. transport... it is the answer I have been looking for the past year.

Light subtle smell.

I do like this however it doesn’t last as long. I have one child using it due to his dermatitis and it only lasts him 2 weeks max with 1 pump. The same size bottles in other brands last much longer so not sure why we only get 2 weeks. Will continue to use though and I do recommend, just expressing my experience with it so far.

Nice subtle smell and soft on the hands and not flaring up his dermatitis.

Feels like cloud!

Loving the smell and foamy feeling of this tablet! I highly recommend and such an easy switch to sustainability

All I need

Glad I found this on Instagram! This bundle contains everything I need, thanks Minq


This minimalistic, classy foam pump is what I have been looking for !! Gives me the extra luxurious feeling

Dishwashing Tablets
Clara B
Super clean

Sneaky clean , and all the dishes come out perfect. Thanks minq!

Dishwashing Tablets
So shiny and clean

cleans really well

Effective and smart!

Can’t believe how effective these little tablets are. Been using it all over home, very happy about the quality